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Julio Barreto is an artist from São Paulo who participated in the first generations of graffiti artists in São Paulo, inserting graffiti in the urban context of the city in the early 80s, when the technique began to be assimilated and understood as an artistic expression.


During that time, graffiti culture in São Paulo was seen as an alternative and marginalized form of expression, often associated with juvenile delinquency. However, this underground scene established itself and grew, creating an urban art movement that became an integral part of São Paulo and Brazilian culture.

Julio worked with other notable graffiti artists such as his neighbor and friend Alex Vallauri, Carlos Matuck, and other artists who created this scene in São Paulo. Throughout his career, he has developed many creative techniques such as painting on canvas, collages, stencil painting, PVC cutouts and woodcuts. Thus, today, the artist manages to mix different techniques, never forgetting his roots and urban traits.

In his works, Julio Barreto addresses various themes, such as the gears of the universe, violence against women and everyday activities, with the aim of generating questioning, and sometimes laughter.


The artist also stands out for his ability to see other figures in an urban setting, and from "raw" elements such as beams, walls and leftover construction materials, create a new interactive and creative image.

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