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Odisseia connects artists, art lovers, and thinkers who seek expression and provocation through art. In partnership with institutions and companies, we develop and curate meaningful exhibitions and projects from concept to completion. Our diverse network of artists, architects, and collectors bridges creators with final buyers and partners.

Founded in 2021 by an interior designer, a photographer, and a painter, Odisseia delivers innovative and immersive exhibitions. We offer complete solutions for each exhibition, including concept development, curation, logistics, installation, and design. Our goal is to provoke and inspire unconventional thinking, ensuring that art lovers see the brilliance we find in our artists.

Odisseia signifies a long journey marked by adventures and unique events. This is the experience we strive to create through art: a unique journey for every viewer.

Proudly Brazilian, we witness the resilience of people who smile despite not having a home and live without basic sanitation in a country rich in drinking water. Sharing our culture with the world and giving back to our country is essential to us. We aim to make art more accessible and are committed to addressing social and environmental issues in our exhibitions and projects. Rejecting the "fast-art" movement and mass production, we prioritize high-quality, durable, and meaningful contemporary artworks.

Visit us by appointment at our office in Curitiba.

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