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Julio Barreto is a Brazilian artist who began his career in the late 1980s as part of the Graffiti movement in São Paulo. He has worked as a painter, illustrator and designer, and has participated in several exhibitions and workshops in Brazil and internationally. Julio has worked on a variety of projects, including murals, installations and exhibitions, and has collaborated with other artists and organizations. He also taught drawing and graffiti courses at cultural centers and other institutions. Julio's work frequently explores themes such as urban culture, social issues and the relationship between art and technology.

Main exhibitions, and installations: 

Main commercial projects:

Academic education:

  • 2015  Damar Catitó International WORKSHOP.

  • 2014  Ars Terra-Workshop “Drawing” Hannover-Germany.

  • 2013  Organization and Participation in the International Damar Workshop.

  • 2013 Expo Individual  "Lost Icons" Priscila Mainieri Gallery.

  • 2013 XTENCIL Collective Expo at the A7ma Gallery.

  • 2009 Exhibition “Pornografitti” Mercearia São Roque. 

  • 2007 Collective Exhibition “Mutantes na Cristal”.

  • 2006 Exhibition of “Motorcycles” canvases and cutouts at Stroker.

  • 2006 Collective intervention on the external grid of the Pinacoteca “Pixo, logo existo”.

  • 2002 Exhibition at Casa das Rosas “Earthlings Surrender”. 

  • 2002 Exhibition  at Val de Almeida Jr gallery. “Love my Great Love”. 

  • 2000 Production and Execution of paintings for the Panel/Installation CINE VISA BUZIOS FESTIVAL, in partnership with the agency Planner's Merchandising.

  • 1991  21 São Paulo International Biennial, in the collective installation “São Paulo em Revista”.

  • 1994 Exhibition “Debret- Aquarelas do Brasil”- at Casa das Rosas- Secretary of State for Culture, in partnership with C. Matuck.

  • 1989 Joins the “Grafite-se” Project group of the State Secretariat for Culture, traveling around the state of São Paulo, exhibiting urban graffiti and teaching Work Shops.

  • 1988 Exhibition in partnership with Mônica Richter “SAMPAulo” at gallery  AB-OHM.

  • 1987  Grafitti Project Stencil Creation and Production Laboratory in partnership with Hudinilson Junior, at the Três Rios Cultural workshops.

  • 1987 Production of the Stand “Aluga-se Grafitti” - sub-curated by Alex Vallauri, in the event “A Trama do Gosto” at the Bienal foundation.

  • 1979/1978   Started his first graffiti work alongside Alex Vallauri, participating in the beginning of “Trajectory Step by Step”.

  • 1996/1998  Illustrations for Carta Capital magazine. 

  • 1992  Executive Production for the Installation “Hiconoclastia” by Waldemar Zaidler and Carlos Matuck, at Columbia.

  • 1990 Creation and Executive Production of clippings for the Exhibition “80 years of Animated Drawing” at SESC Pompéia. 1993 Creation and Production of prints and showcases for apparel HWY-1. 

  • 1987 Coordination and Executive Production in the scenography of the play  “A Rainha do Frango Assado” by Alex Vallauri.

  • 1987 Creation and Production of Out Doors in Curitiba, in partnership   with Matias Arrudão.

  • 1990 Certificate of Completion of the Course in Illustration Techniques with Airbrush-SENAC

  • 1991 Graphic Arts Technician Diploma for completing the Professional Qualification course  “IV Full Qualification in Graphic Arts” SENAI School “Theobaldo De Nigris”. 

  • 1999/2001 Training in preparation and tempera painting, support preparation and oil painting, Drawing, painting and Art History with Rubens Matuck. 

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