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Thais Domingues is a dynamic professional known for her innovative approach to curating. With a background in business, interior design, and art, she seamlessly blends her diverse skills to create strong and immersive projects that bridge the gap between creativity and practicality. As the partner and business director of Odisseia Project, an art center in Brazil, Domingues focuses on professionalizing artists' careers and creating immersive exhibitions.


Her curation extends to diverse locations, including Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Manaus, Venice, and New York, always leaving room for visitor questioning and reflection. In 2021, Odisseia won a Brazilian prize for cultural projects and social impact. Domingues’s visionary curatorial practice combines artistry and functionality, resulting in meaningful and immersive experiences for viewers. Her ability to connect artists with audiences sets her apart in the world of curatorial practice.


As a Brazilian and Portuguese citizen, Domingues places great importance on appreciating and valuing the cultural differences and uniqueness found in each country. 

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