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Sérgio Teixeira brings to his roots the artistic influence of his family, which is involved in fine arts, photography and visual arts, as well as music production, clothing and the textile industry. Self-taught, Sérgio creates the intercession of different techniques, color combinations, textures, shapes and materials, creating authentic works combining his knowledge in different fields.

His ability to develop harmonic and non-obvious color palettes is the result of his enormous knowledge of how colored fabrics are created by combining threads in different primary tones. Another characteristic arising from the textile heritage is the use of prints inspired by clothing and geometric shapes.

Through his observant and critical look at everyday life, the artist masterfully creates figures from the combination of colors and shapes, complementing his artistic identity by the absence of contours around the shapes.


From 2010, Sérgio began to develop his line of canvases and prints, the result of his observation and need to work in different creative fields in order to express himself. The play between figures, colors, textures and light brings the geometric shapes to life in his works, resulting in detailed and engaging authorial works. In addition to his work on canvas, Sérgio has also been an authority since the 1990s in his commercial niche, for his production of scenography, large hand-painted murals and production of shop windows.

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