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Maria Xilo (2003) is from Recife, and her contact with art came early. His collection began at the age of 13.


Her artistic name is a tribute to her grandmother, portraying a little of the artist's connection with her origins and family.

The young Maria presents, through her works, several constructions: values, personality and her own path always made from choices.


The works portray the artist's intimate relationship with her northeastern culture. With regionalist traits and choices of colors, techniques, materials, elements and emotions, we are transported to the cultural richness of Maria Xilo.

The house in people's minds represents belonging “we must know where we come from to get where we want”.  

Maria Xilo is a self-taught artist whose quest for knowledge is fueled by her relationship with the Brazilian Northeast. Her passion for nature, people and Northeastern culture is what inspires her to create her works. In addition, the curiosity to explore human feelings is one of the main reasons for their constant search for new learning and experiences.

The artist believes that her art can change the world and this belief is reflected in her phrase "from the northeast to the world". She understands that her art has the power to transcend geographic and cultural boundaries, and that her message can be appreciated by people all over the world.

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