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Lala Luz, 1998, is a Brazilian artist of body and soul, born in Curitiba - PR. With fifteen years of experience in the world of graffiti, the artist found in urbanism - along with her creativity and observation skills - a way to democratize art and express her vision of daily life in Brazil, portraying in a natural and perceptive way the peculiarities and different realities of this heterogeneous country.

Trained as an engraver at Solar do Barão and a graphic designer at PUC-PR, Lala, in addition to being an engraver, paints screens, walls and is a self-taught draftsman. The artist also has a strong connection with fashion through her work as a model and for developing authentic prints.


Through art, Lala raises important themes such as the beauty and grandeur of the feminine, reflecting on the position of women in society and in relationships.   In addition, in his authorial work  it is common to find the breakdown of aesthetic standards, intimate scenarios of life in Brazil and themes related to the relationship between man and nature - both the wild part of man and the natural beauty of Brazil.

With an identity marked by traits, painting materials (always reinforcing her bond with graffiti) and themes portrayed in a strong way, Lala uses different work techniques, such as murals, graffiti, canvases and drawings, leaving room for interpretation and beauty in Your works.


Its positioning portraying different Brazilian realities and ethnicities makes Lala Luz's art very relevant and current.

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