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Helerson da Maia, 1974, was born and lives in Parintins, a city located in the interior of the Amazon, which hosts the Parintins Folk Festival (Boi Bumbá), now recognized as a Cultural Heritage of Brazil.

The artist was born with the "vein" of fashion, due to the remote location of Parintins and its deep-rooted culture, Helerson, since he was 16, specialized in costumes for one of the biggest folk festivals in Brazil, mixing techniques such as sewing, painting and collage.

Over the years, Helerson began to connect his look as a costume designer and producer with his indigenous descent, through the production of headdresses.

Headdresses, more than props, are a form of representation of power, in addition to portraying the role of individuals within a community. Thus, Helerson began to transmit his identity, praising the culture of native peoples through a rereading of the headdresses of the people of Kayapó - uniting this ancient and ancient culture with its reality in fashion and intense participation in a contemporary festival.


“Each headdress is like a blank canvas.Based on my feelings and inspiration, I create arrangements and color combinations that tell a story, speak about a moment, honor natural phenomena, animals and entities”.

The artist develops authentic headdresses that reflect his cultural and professional background and his deep knowledge of the Amazonian culture. Respecting their relationship with nature, the headdresses are made without using wild feathers.

The feathers used are natural or artificial, handmade dyed, cut and treated by the artist himself.

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