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Odisseia works with artists so that art lovers see in them the same brilliance that we find. We aim to connect them with the world,   sharing the work of each artist and promoting exhibitions as a form of entertainment, expression, provocation and questioning.


With a strong creative network, we combine bubbling ideas with meticulous planning   to deliver innovative and immersive exhibitions, offering complete solutions for each exhibition, including concept, curation, logistics, installation and design.

We develop expographic projects with unusual experiences and well-connected concepts to present to sponsors of the private network, culture incentive laws and notices. In addition, we held temporary exhibitions in partnership with unusual places that, before the pandemic, were only aimed at entertainment, after all, as Gilberto Gil would say, “We need to end this story of thinking that culture is an extraordinary thing. Culture is ordinary!”

We are Brazilians, we live daily with people who don't have a home, but are smiling,  they are great creators. We live with people who do not have basic sanitation, but who live in a country with  abundant drinking water. For Odisseia it is essential to share our culture with the world and give something back to our country. We seek to make art more accessible and are committed to bringing social and environmental questions into our exhibitions.


In all our exhibitions, we give something back to society or the environment.

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