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Turenko Beça is a visual artist, graffiti artist, sculptor and designer. Son of the poet, writer and one of the founders of “Clube da Madrugada”, Aníbal Beça. He started painting at age 12 and in 1990 participated in his first collective exhibition. 
Turenko is part of the fourth generation of plastic artists from Amazonas, participating since then and representing the State in national and international events. Since 1992, the artist has carried out anthropological research on indigenous societies, which he even dedicates to his main exhibitions, as well as other lines of his work.

Main exhibitions,   and facilities: 


  • 2014- Xumucuís Digital Art Salon.

  • 2014- Amazon Cycles of Modernity Exhibition (Manaus/Belém).

  • 2016- LABVERDE Immersion – Exhibition.

  • 2019- How to Talk to Trees | Z42 Art | DASartes.

  • 2020- ''Latin (Im)pressures: Exhibition of 'in sitio' engravings. Engraving Nucleus of Tocantins - Nugrato.

  • 2020- 1st Quarantine National Salon of Visual Arts, São Carlos.

  • 2020- 1st Salon Arts to Postpone the End of the World. Casa Visual Galeria, Tocantins. 

  • 2021- Museum of Arts Xumucuís.

  • 2022- XILOGRAFITTI, Sesc Consolação SP.

  • 2022- XILOGRAFITTI, Sesc Araraquara SP.


  • 2022- MANART Gallery. Manaus AM.

  • 2022- Master in Visual Arts, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul UFRGS, Brazil.Title: Amazônia e Mundo: A poetics of displacement, territory and portability.

  • 2021- Conceptualization in installation, intervention and action projects. Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, EAV, Brazil.

  • 2021- Creativity master class V: Oblique strategies. 

  • 2020- Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, EAV, Brazil.

  • 2016 Artistic Immersion in the Amazon - LAB VERDE.

  • 2015- National Institute for Research in the Amazon, INPA, Brazil.

  • 2016- University extension in ART AND CULTURE. 

  • 2016- Federal University of Amazonas, UFAM, Brazil.

  • 2005- Improvement in CULTURAL MANAGEMENT. SBI, UCAM, Brazil.

  • 2008- Improvement in BRAZILIAN ART HISTORY. SESC - RIO DE JANEIRO, SESC, Brazil.





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