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18.03.2024 - 20.06.2024

NEX Coworking Pres. Taunay, 130 -  Curitiba

Celebrating International Women's Day, Thais Domingues was invited to curate an exhibition at a historic house that now serves as a coworking space in her hometown. Emphasizing the exchange between different Brazilian cultures, Thais curated and produced the intimate exhibition "Construction," which showcased the work of Recife artist Maria Xilo. The exhibition created a dialogue about belonging and home, intertwining Xilo’s work with the physical space of the historic house.


In addition to curating the exhibition, Thais hosted curatorial tours, providing deeper insights into the artworks and their themes. She also organized a discussion with architects on integrating art into residential projects, highlighting the intersection of art and architecture and how they can enhance living spaces.

Supported by NEX Coworking, produced by Helder Gonçalves


29.11.2023 - 23.12.2023

Chashama Foundation, NY-227 West 29th Street

​Curated by Arthur Jorge Lima, Natasha Roberts and Thais Domingues, IMPULSE is an exhibition that explores the intersection between the virtual age, consumption and narcissism. Connecting the virtual and physical world, IMPULSE presents works by Alê Jordão, Kristin Simmons, CHiNGLiSH WANG and  John Grande and Dee Lazzerini in an immersive multi-sensory installation for literal and figurative self-reflection, inviting visitors to explore the complexities of human relationships and the seductive forces that drive excessive choices and behaviors online and offline.

In partnership and with the support of Chashama Foundation 


20.10.23 - 18.10.23

Espaço Alto, SPRua Libero Badaró 336 

Produced and curated by Thais Domingues and Arthur Jorge Lima, Volatile was a group exhibition inspired by Zygmunt Bauman's concepts of fluidity and mutability in the contemporary world, the exhibition explored the ephemeral nature of time and life.


"The photographs, capturing static moments, serve as catalysts for documenting works that address mutability and balance through chaos, whether through sculptures, paintings, or sound art. The artists reinterpret and observe time in a way that creates a liquid perspective, revealing the temporal fissures between the static and the mutable.

The exhibition challenges the boundaries between the solid and the liquid, the physical and the psychic, exploring the relationship between nature and humanity. In this process, it highlights the beauty of movement and the fluidity of transformations, reflecting the era of instantaneity and the need to accept mutability as a natural part of the life cycle” - Thais Domingues.

Artists: Anália Moares, André Mendes, Félix Blume, Fernanda Pompermayer, Gabriella Garcia, Miguel Thome.

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